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On May 11, 1963, in the dust-strewn lanes of Laurel Canyon, a counterculture theatrical conception was given lyfe: the creation of Living Art.


"To reconnect with the Earth, to stand outside the self, to celebrate ecstasy and to experience a truly transformative and euphoric expedition into the past" (Ron and Phyllis Patterson)—The Renaissance Faire.

We tirelessly endeavor to bring this spirit to Faires and pluck people from the mudane and hurl them into our magickal realm. And it is this illusion that we cultivate, nurture and deliver to Faires around the country through fascinating characters ever-delving deeper to bring the artist-child out to play.



Frostylocks, Royal Jongleur, Minstrel Of The Fae & Bard Of The People is an off-beat singer-songwriter whose story-songs highlight his wandering lane act. From illustrious anthems inspiring revelry and good cheer to comedic tales that leave listeners rolling in the lanes, this bard entertains patrons of all ages. His improv-based style ensures a joyous and memorable experience to all those he serenades.


Other Characters:

AK Murderwright

Victorian Troubadour


Octavius Roast

Shakespearean Insulter

Splinter, The Fae—An energetic lane character whose playful shenanigans evoke refreshing wonderment, comedic rapture and awe. She quickly wins the adoration and admiration of children of all ages; thusly, teleporting patrons back in time and into the illusion and mythology of The Renaissance and Medieval times. Donning a distinct and unforgettable charismatic charm, Splinter, a harlequin fae of the unseelie court, delivers an undeniably one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to enrich any faire or festival. 

Other Characters:

Gráinne Mhaol

Irish Pirate Queen





Vampiric Inventor

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Tour 2020

Coming Soon!

Mid & Southwest:

Renaissance Arts Faire

Las Cruces, NM

Nov 2-3, 2019 (Sat/Sun)



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About Us

AYDANActor, Improvisor, Master of Shenanigans. A Theater Performance graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Aydan creates immersive characters inspired by the fantastical and the bizarre.

MICHAEL—Musician, Improvisor. Driven by a lifelong pursuit of and passion for music, Michael creates original character acts for whom he writes music and stories each with a definitive world view.

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